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  1. Aug 14,  · Social employee recognition & rewards for enterprise. An easy way to access your employee recognition and rewards program. Plus, enhances Yammer by replacing Yammer Praise with Recognize to send and receive recognition from within Yammer.4/5(9).
  2. In science and technology In computer science. Pattern recognition, a branch of machine learning which encompasses the meanings below; Biometric. Recognition of human individuals, or biometrics, used as a form of identification and access control. Facial recognition system, a system to identify individuals by their facial characteristics; Fingerprint recognition, automated method of verifying.
  3. recognize definition: Recognize is defined as to identify someone or something known at an earlier time. (verb) An example of recognize is to see an old friend in a crowd after being apart for many years.
  4. recognize by recognize (someone or something) by (something) To be able to identify or remember someone or something because of some distinguishing trait, characteristic, behavior, etc. I was able to recognize him by the unmistakable mark on the right side of his face.
  5. ‘Windows will automatically recognize the new pointing device, but will detect it as a mouse and not a graphic tablet.’ ‘My computer did not recognize the camera as a drive.’ ‘Today's computers can recognize faces, human speech and handwriting.’ ‘Even if a search engine recognizes the link, they won't give it much weight.’.
  6. to acknowledge or treat as valid: to recognize a claim. to acknowledge acquaintance with, as by a greeting, handshake, etc. to show appreciation of (achievement, service, merit, etc.), as by some .
  7. recognize (someone or something) as (someone or something) 1. To remember or identify someone or something as being a certain person or thing one has previously perceived. I recognized her as the woman who had processed my claim in the bank. I didn't recognize it as anything I'd heard before. 2. To show acceptance or acknowledgement of someone or.
  8. To recognize is also to show public appreciation for the achievements of someone, or a person or group: [ T ] With this medal, we would like to recognize Lynn Jennings for excellence in women’s running.
  9. Recognize often runs discounts and promotions. Given the optimization and change in pricing, we ask that we get on the phone or email the price. Recognize will match and beat any price made by a similar competitor. Do you charge monthly or annually? We charge annually. Companies are able to do monthly trials and after signing an agreement.